Ubay Luzardo Fichajes.com with the Spanish defender who has triumphed in the Second Portuguese Ligue

I approached the canary center during the recently concluded season has become one of the most prominent defenders of the second class of Portuguese football thanks to his outstanding performance with Farente.


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Ubay Luzardo has shown a sensational level in Ubay Luzardo Portugal has shown a sensational level in Portugal


The Spanish football can boast a sports health bombproof. This can attest both our club and the Spanish national team. Thus, while Real Madrid has won the last edition of the Champions League after beating Atletico Madrid, Sevilla has managed to add a new Europa League to their windows. Meanwhile, the national team builds a successful journey in which he missed 2 European Championships and World Cup.

However, all is not gold that glitters. The delicate situation in which there are some categories of football have resulted in increasingly more footballers born in Spain who decide to leave the country for both sporting and economic opportunities.

One of those who made this decision was Ubay Luzardo in 2009 (30 years), football player after finishing their connection with the Second Farense Portuguese Liga now finds freedom card under his arm, where equipment has become one of his defensive pillars and has even excelled facet offensive, scoring 5 goals.
A globetrotter

Whenever convenient, remarkable air and easy to get the ball out from the center of defense with both legs crossed canary different sets of Third Division University of Las Palmas B, Norma, Murcia B, Amposta Rapitenca or before Leap. His fate was in the Kitchee, where orders Gombau Josep Maria was part of the team that claimed a Community Shield (2010) and League (2011). Fichajes.com contact, the player recognizes that his motivation to leave our country answered that "I've always been curious and intend to try other leagues and when I suggested not hesitate to leave."

Following a successful tour Hong Kong did not hesitate to continue learning new countries like Australia (Melbourne Victory), England (Ebbsfleet United) or Sweden (Assyriska FF), after which came the opportunity in our neighboring country. Luzardo recognizes that this step has brought "especially experience and learn from other students' from the sporting point of view, while" Personally mature as a person to know new cultures, people and new countries by the distance would be difficult visit. "

When you talk about the factors that have led to the exodus of our players, the canary recognizes that "I think the main problem is economic as Spanish clubs do not give you that guarantee and also because they pay better." In addition, foreign clubs are increasingly attentive to the players of our country due largely to reflect the style of "FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team game tap, overflow, imbalance and quality."


After a stint in the Farense, it's time for a change. This happens after "not agree, but I am very grateful to SC Farense and all his fans for their support and expressions of affection." Among future plans recognizes that "I'm open to all markets, but if I value continuing in Portugal", although looking beyond the option of returning home is on the horizon: "Yes of course I miss Spain and hope to return to play in Spain. " Would we shall soon return?

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